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Posters on a wall below Pike Place Market make an interesting subject for an almost abstract image. (I didn’t photograph the Sunday Market this week, so I have no market challenge to discuss. Any ideas for next week are welcomed, though!)


Old Friends

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Old Friends

Some pictures just require a certain treatment. The original color image here was less compelling or interesting… but a square crop with a black and white Holga-style conversion, and suddenly the image is a more poignant moment caught in time.


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On the way to the Brews & Views meetup for the month, Terence and I ran across a street carnival/theater, called “Lullaby Moon” and created by Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders. Apparently a new chapter or variation is performed in some neighborhood around Seattle once a month, the night of the new moon.

We got to the B&V a bit late, because we had to stop and take photos of this serendipitous encounter. Sometimes the best photographs are the ones you really didn’t expect to get to take.


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Yes, I got buried in work and forgot to post yesterday. Oops! So here’s yesterday’s post, late.


A while back, some friends and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo, along with a few rented or borrowed lenses. Toying with the 400mm monster was interesting; I was able to get some very good video on the 5D2 through the 400mm, and the lens has a very nice bokeh, but the focus is horribly slow and the (comparatively) small aperture really made shots of moving animals difficult.

If you’re curious about a lens, I’m not certain if it makes more sense to rent it and go somewhere you don’t go often (since it’s an occasion, anyway), or to rent it and go somewhere you shoot constantly (to work with known quantities). I may eventually rent or borrow a lens I’m curious about to try out at the Fremont Sunday Market, simply because I shoot that /every/ weekend and so I know the light very well.

Reflect on Me

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Reflect on Me

I’ve mentioned before how I like to issue myself challenges for the Fremont Sunday Market, since I’m there every week. The challenges help me to find new ways to look at things I photograph often, to seek out interesting new shots. (And on that note, I do not have a challenge for myself for this week yet. Suggestion? Please post.)

The Space Needle is one of the most-photographed buildings here in Seattle. (Possibly one of the most photographed in the US!) So it can be a challenge to find a really good and interesting new way to shoot it. This was my attempt at doing so, from last weekend.

Chains of Time

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Chains of Time

Just a photo today. This was taken at the Sunday Market yesterday as part of my ‘black box’ challenge to myself. Bracelets made out of old watches, the focus slightly wrong and then given a sepia and vignette treatment to make it look like an old photograph.

Market Challenge: The Black Box

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So, I’ve really fallen over on my goal to post here every day. Between a heavy workload, an injured hand and a funeral to attend (none of them connected), I really let the blog slide. So I think I’m going to change how I use the Shutteresque blog a bit. I’ll post text-y writeups only when I have something to actually write about, and I’ll try to just post photos of mine on a fairly regular basis. Because, let’s be honest… some of those posts were a bit forced.

However, I do intend to keep challenging myself at the Fremont Sunday Market each weekend, and the challenges are worth posting. This week, my challenge to myself was to shoot as if the camera were a film camera — no Live View mode (though I only use that on tripods anyway), no reviewing of shots, no deleting or ‘I’ll just check the exposure’ or anything like that.

I find that I like to shoot film periodically, as it forces me to think more carefully about composition and exposure in my head; I can’t just take four shots to check my exposure for a situation, nor can I review and go ‘well, I could do that a little differently.’ But I only have one roll of film left in the entire house — 24 exposure roll of Kodak TMAX 400 — so I thought trying to shoot digital as if it were film would provide a good challenge as an alternative.

This became difficult, because I started wondering ‘I wonder if this came out well,’ or ‘how did that one look?’ But loading the pictures off at the end of the walk was sort of like unwrapping a present, getting to see how they had all turned out. Most of the best ones were inside the flea market portion of the Sunday Market…

Just a Bird in a Gilded Cage

Grisly Remains

At any rate, I find that just shooting without concern for reviewing or photo-management sometimes helps remind me to focus more on just taking the good shots. Perhaps this is a challenge others will also find useful!