Yes, I got buried in work and forgot to post yesterday. Oops! So here’s yesterday’s post, late.


A while back, some friends and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo, along with a few rented or borrowed lenses. Toying with the 400mm monster was interesting; I was able to get some very good video on the 5D2 through the 400mm, and the lens has a very nice bokeh, but the focus is horribly slow and the (comparatively) small aperture really made shots of moving animals difficult.

If you’re curious about a lens, I’m not certain if it makes more sense to rent it and go somewhere you don’t go often (since it’s an occasion, anyway), or to rent it and go somewhere you shoot constantly (to work with known quantities). I may eventually rent or borrow a lens I’m curious about to try out at the Fremont Sunday Market, simply because I shoot that /every/ weekend and so I know the light very well.


~ by Rachel on March 26, 2009.

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