A New Perspective

I try to find ways to challenge myself, periodically. This weekend, my challenge to myself was to shoot the Fremont Sunday Market — something I shoot pretty much every weekend — in a new way.

What I chose to do for this was to try to shoot things at angles I would not normally do. From odd positions, or in tighter than I normally would, or with the camera tilted in a way I would not normally do. (Or combinations of the above.)

This forced me not to just rely on my usual styles of composition, but to really think about composition as I was shooting. I think overall I was able to come up with better photos than my usual Market photo walks as a result.

For instance, one stall in the flea market had a lamp with belts hanging from it. Rather than merely shooting a close-up of the belts, I got down below the lamp and tried shooting with the camera tilted at an angle. The end result was more dramatic and dynamic.

Belts by Lamplight

Belts by Lamplight

Similarly, a quickly snapped photo of fellow photographer Dale Unruh became a more interesting and dynamic portrait simply by tilting the camera to one side:


Other techniques I’ve used when trying to push myself are to shoot in HDR (which I generally don’t much care for, as I think it is often overused or carried to extremes) and try to find ways to use the result (such as turning the final image black and white, thus keeping a wider dynamic range and texture), or to force myself to shoot something with a lens I would not normally use for that situation.

When you’re shooting for a client or an event, it’s not always best to push yourself and experiment with new things. But when you’re just shooting for the fun of the photography, try something new. Maybe it won’t work, but maybe you’ll find something new to incorporate into your photographic repertoire.


~ by Rachel on February 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “A New Perspective”

  1. Any chance of an RSS feed of this? Would love to keep up.

  2. […] week, my challenge was to shoot from perspectives I normally don’t. This week, I took a page from a friend’s book and tried shooting everything with the […]

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